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14 Fun Facts that I am Positive Very Few of You Know About the Human Body

It is far from the fact the we literally know our anatomy so well that we know everything there is to know about the human body. That being said, if you are not a doctor, I highly doubt that you will ever know more about it than you need to (Yes I am relating to the rest of mankind Including myself). Here are some fun facts that I am positive most of you had no clue were true:

1. 27 MPH. Yes, this is the speed which the semen is ejaculated. When you look at it like that, it seems it is forbidden in school zones.

2. 30-45 seconds before you vomit your mouth fills with saliva. This is quite useful especially when you’ve had more than a few, just to know what is going on so you can hit the nearest bathroom in time. Oh, the saliva also helps protect the mouth from the acids in the stomach.

3. When a pregnant woman suffers any kind of organ damage, the fetus sends stem cells in order to repair the organ.

4. Have you ever heard of the “Mamillian Dive Reflex”? The name is funny but it basically means that your heart rate slows down before your face hits water.

5. There is not a single guy in the world I think that doesn’t like getting blowjobs. Well there is a reason for it, and it’s pretty awesome too. The inside of the cheek is made from the same stuff as the vagina.

6. Did you know that at some point in your life you were literally a “Complete As*hole?” That’s because humans are deuterostomes. The hole that became your mouth formed after your anus was formed so yeah … the saying comes from there.

7. Within 24 hours, the average person farts enough to fill a standard balloon.

8. Men’s “Boners” use the exact amount of blood which constitutes hamsters. 2 Tablespoons.

9. Did you know that your nose has always been visible to you? The mind chooses to ignore it.

10. Heart attacks and stress are highly correlated because whenever your body is stressed or under pressure, it encourages blood to thicken in case of a physical attack.

11. The only muscle in the body which is connected on one end is the tongue.

12. Did you know that you literally piss through your eyes? Urea is developed in the eye boogers when you sleep.

13. Your brain actually fills in a blind spot in your vision (yes we do have a blind spot).

14. Did you know that pollen is basically “Plant Sperm”? Logically then that would make Hay Fever a STD. Since no one voluntarily takes in pollen, the only logical conclusion is that we are being raped by trees.

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