Many children have bow legs until the age of 3 and knock knees around 4-5 years of age. By the time they’re 6-7 years of age, their legs begin to straighten and align. Knock knee is a curvature of the lower legs which leads to a large gap between the feet and ankles when the knees are touching. At times, the knock knee may continue or occur at a later stage in life.

Knock Knee Correction with Exercises

Knock knees happen because of weak abductor muscles found on the outside of hips and thighs. They can be corrected with certain exercises mentioned below.

1. Side Lunges

Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms in front of your chest, and take a big step sideways to your left. Bend your knee as your foot comes to the ground and push your hip backward. As you feel a strong contraction on your hip and other thigh, stand up and bring your feet back to the original position. Repeat 10-12 times then switch. Hold a medicine ball in front of your chest for more resistance. This helps your abductors, hamstrings and quadriceps.

2. Side Step-ups

Stand with a weight bench towards your right. Keep arms in front of your chest, put your right foot on the bench, press down and lift your body in the air. After your right leg is straight, hold for a second then lower yourself. Repeat 10-12 times then switch. For extra resistance, use a medicine ball.

3. Cable Abduction

This exercise for knock knee correction helps your outer thighs and hips with one side of a cable machine. Fasten an ankle cuff around your lower-right leg and keep the setting low. Stand with the stack of weight facing your left shoulder. In an arcing motion, lift your leg sideways to your right as high as possible then lower slowly. Repeat 10-12 times then switch.

4. Lying Abduction

Lie on your left side with your legs one over the other. Lift your right leg at an angle of 45 degrees, hold for a second, and then lower your leg. Repeat 10-12 times then switch. Hold a dumbbell against your thigh for extra resistance.

5. Wall Abductor Squeeze

Stand with the wall on your right and hold an exercise ball against it at stomach-height. Lift your right leg, bend your knee and make your thigh parallel to the floor. Press into the ball with your right leg and hold for a second. Release pressure slowly. Repeat 10-12 times then switch.

6. Straight Leg Lift

Lie on your back, torso relaxed. Keep one leg straight and the other knee bent with your foot flat on the ground. Tighten the thigh muscles of the straight leg, lift it about 12 inches off the floor and hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat. Perform this at least 4 times, 2 on each side, to work your quadriceps.

7. Wall Squats

Stand with a wall facing your back. With feet shoulder-width apart, stand slightly further away from the wall. Squat to 90 degrees maximum and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Contract your stomach muscles slightly as you squat. Increase your holding period as your strength increases.

8. Hamstring Curls

While holding the back of a chair, transfer your weight to one leg and bend the other backwards with only your toes on the floor. Tense your hamstrings and lift your heel towards your hips. Hold the position for 5 seconds before lowering. Repeat 8-9 times then switch. This exercise is very good for knock knee correction.

9. Knee Press

You can sit on the floor or a bench. Put one leg straight in front of you and place a rolled up towel behind the knee. Contract the quadriceps of the straightened leg, push the back of your knee into the rolled towel and hold for 3 seconds. Release slowly. Repeat 9-10 times then switch.

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