After Reading THIS Short Story You Will Be More Grateful To Life Than EVER!


A Rich man’s son was graduating collage…

For months, the son was asking his father for a new car, knowing that his father had more than enough money.

When graduating day came, the father called his son in his office and handed him a wrapped gift and congratulated his son on his achievement.

Looking disappointed, the son opened the gift and found a lovely, leather-bound journal, with his name embossed on the cover. He angrily raised his voice, threw down the journal and stormed out.


The young man had not seen his father since graduating day. He became successful and wealthy like his father, with a beautiful home and family. He came to realize his father was aging, and it may be time to put the past behind them.

Just then he receive a message that his father had passed, and he had to return home to take care of the estate.

As the mourning son regretfully returned home, he began searching through his father’s things and he saw the journal that his father gave him, just as he had left it.

He open it, and as he flipped through the pages a car key dropped from the back of the journal.


A dealer tag was attached to the key that read “Paid in full. Wherever this car takes you, write about it to remember it forever. Love, Dad”

No matter what you expect, be grateful for what you are given. It may be more a blessing than you think.

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