Airo – The First Water Bottle That Creates Water From Literally NOTHING!

The company claims the bottle, which it plans to release in two models – the Airo and the cycling-specific Ryde – can produce 0.5 quarts (0.5 liters) in a single hour.

Recently, the company received funding from the Austrian government to continue development, and plans to launch the product to the masses via a crowdfunding campaign in March.

While promising, there’s still a long road between even an award-winning prototype and mass production, especially when crowdfunding is the chosen method of bringing a new product to market. The company says it plans to release third-party white paper data soon, that will include “reference temperature, humidity settings, duration, and resultant volume of water created.”

Validation tests are also in the works, which Fontus hopes the crowdfunding campaign will help pay for.

We’ll continue to watch this one with interest, and hope that this one can make the leap from vaporware to real vapor-harvesting ware. In the meantime, more information is available in the video below

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