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AMAZING! This Guy Lives in a Time-Stopping Home for Under 5000$ a year. YES It’s Possible!

Meet Dan Price. An astonishing man that lives far off the main road in Eastern Oregon. What you will find is an ordinary meadow but what’s underneath it, hides the real beauty. It’s his nature hideaway.

Hobit Hole Entrance

Some entangled branches, intertwined within a thick wall there is only the entrance which is visible on the surface. After you pass that, you will see a small arc which will take you to Dan’s hideout from the world.


After you enter, the place is eight feet and lined with pine slats. 

guy making food

Gal From Down Under explains that there is enough room inside to sit with your legs out. A square skylight, frames the sky above you.

Guy living room with him init

We won’t deny it, it is quite small, but when properly utilized as Dan has done, there is literally room for everything. If you look around the room you will find a small bookcase, CD player, phone and a clothes hanger everything made out of branches.

Guy living room

Back in 1990, price started to rent his 200-acre space for 100$ a year and in exchange for cleaning leaves and mending broken fences. According to Good Magazine at the time he lived in a tipi which he made but felt it was too big for him. He then made a 9 by 12 foot hut but got robbed from the skylight and he tore the entire thing down and left only the underground portion.

Guy doing laundry

His home now has a propane powered shower that uses river water, a composting toilet and a propane powered wood sauna.

Guy Lifting Weights

Most fascinatingly out of all is that he considers himself as a “hobo artist” and when winter comes, he leaves his home and goes surfing.

Guy Riding Trycicle

He does have bill, although they are very small. He pays them off by selling his pocket journals called The Moonlight Chronicles where he draws the world while wandering slowly and patiently through life.

The Moonlight Chronicles

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1 Comment

  1. Robin

    November 11, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    How is he keeping the heat in there?

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