This is Where You Can Charge Your Electric Car! Tesla Added Over 850 Charging Stations Across The US

Tesla has added 858 charging stations across the US from September 2014 to September 2015, according to PlugShare’s quarterly report. It appears that they are being installed at an increasing rate, with 185 installed in September 2015 alone. The increase is largely due to Tesla’s “Destination Charging” program, which now accounts for over 80% of Tesla’s charging points in the US.


Tesla operates two different types of charging networks, the “Superchargers” and “Destination Charging.”

Supercharger stations can charge a Model S at a rate of more than 300 miles of range per hour, and they are mainly located on popular routes to facilitate road trips. The map below shows their locations.


“Destination Charging” is meant for Tesla car owners to charge their car for a longer period of time, sometimes overnight, once they have arrived at their destination, hence the name of the program. The map below shows their locations.


Tesla partners with hotels and restaurants to install these chargers for free, to attract Model S owners, as long as the use of the chargers remains free to use for Model S owners.

While Model S owners aren’t the biggest target audience, Tesla is likely planning ahead for when the more affordable Model 3 is released (hopefully by 2017), as well as the Model X, which can be reserved now for delivery next year.

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