Canadian Man Missing Since 2012 Found In Amazon Rainforest

Back in 2012 the Canadian man Anton Pilipa vanished and was pronounced lost. But incredibly 5 years later he was found alive in the Amazon rain forest. It is assumed that he walked 10,500 Km


He was found in the northern region of Brazil later last year, Anton was found confused and homeless, without id or passport, According to GoFoundMe page that his family set, he was wandering the towns and highways of one of the most hostile and dangerous areas of the Amazonian rain forest.

During a prolonged battle with metal health issues, particularly schizophrenia, after Anton’s disappearance in March 2012, it was believed that he walked the entire journey from Scarborough, Ontario to the Amazon rain forest in South America – which is around 10,500 Km!


The Canadian born police officer – Helenice Vidigal, was leading the social media campaign to identify Anton, as he was one of the few people capable of communicating in English at the Brazilian Police Department in Porto Velho.


After contacting Anton’s brother, Stefan, arrangements were made for Anton to be returned home shortly after Christmas 2016. However, Anton managed to escape the company of the police at Porto Velho, yet was found again shortly after in time to meet his brother in Brazil for his journey home in January.

Stefan managed to raise a huge $12,500 through the GoFundMe page in order to pay for his brothers recovery and return journey back to Ontario, Canada. Stefan is now staying with Anton in Toronto while he begins to recover from the ordeal, and rebuild his life.


Stefan stated on the GoFundMe page that his brother was an:


This is an incredibly emotional story but also an inspiration and a beautiful example of how people can pull together for the greatest of all causes. It also reminds us never to lose hope or give up on what we believe in, or our loved ones that we hold so dearly to us for that matter.

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