Choose Your Stone – And Find Out What Amazing Things Awaits You in April

Stone №1:

The first stone – is Opal. It is also called “The Moonstone“. The fact that you have chosen him, indicates that right now the thing you need most is freedom from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

You feel the need to shut down and at least temporarily to forget about the problems, to find peace. You need time to sort out your feelings.

We would advise you in the next few days or a week to go to the seaside resort. There are a lot of beautiful places and you can relax. If you can not afford it now, you can still plan a vacation in the near future. Even if it will be a trip to grandma, winter picnic or sled in the park. Take time to relax!

Stone №2:

The second stone – Malachite. Your choice shows that in the near future you can expect a series of big changes in your life. And most of the changes will be connected with your deepest spiritual character.

You can also experience a large Positive shock or survive a big surprises in your personal life. The near future is perfect for you, so you can again redrew the scheme of your life! The stars favor you! Therefore, only forward!

Stone №3:

The third stone – is the Sun Stone. What brings you to it, means that you are an incorrigible optimist! The future is always presented to you like strong bright light as much as there can be!

Make sure that in the near future you will go more often outdoors! The joy of life will always be more for you, if you are willing to spend more time out on the fresh air!

Continue to absorb the healing power of the sun and move on! And do not lose your cheerful disposition along the way!

Stone №4:

This stone is Obsidian. If your attention has been drawn to this stone, then your subconscious is trying to tell you that it’s time for change! In the coming days you have to escape from the old habits and start creating a new life, step by step!

The best time to start is now! At the same time on the road to change, try not to forget to feel grateful for everything that you have. Do not be jealous. Do not envy. Do not let this mold spread through your mind. Work hard, and you can be certain that your new way of life will necessarily lead to the desired results!

Stone №5:

The fifth stone is called howlite. If you are attracted to this stone, that means that you are the person who always keeps his mind open. In any dispute, you are always ready to understand the arguments of the opponent. And it gives you the unique ability to look at every situation under all possible angles.

You are a very sensitive person. Well, you know what you are trying to say and what to hint. Relatives and friends never ceases to amaze your powers of observation!

In the near future you urgently need to start dreaming! Because all the plans that you will build need to be build in the next 30 days!

Stone №6:

Last stone – Dalmatian. Your choice means that you are cheerful, optimistic and loving. The main thing for you is to live and go like you are part of a game!

In the next 30 days, it would be good for you to plan some new adventures, and make some new friends. It is time for you now. The things you are planning to do in the coming days are doomed to success!

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