Facebook SECRET: Want To See Who’s Monitoring Your Facebook? Follow These Steps

As many of you know that the last few years there were rumors about that Facebook has been monitoring our accounts, these rumors are now a reality and we are sure that Facebook is monitoring our account daily. 

They are monitoring our activities and our chat too.

Your private chats and messages on Facebook may not be as private as you think. According to a report from Reuters, Facebook employs a technology that scans posts and chats for criminal activity. If something is fishy, the content is flagged and then read by an employee who will access the conversation and call the police, if necessary.

This monitoring came to light a few years ago when a man is his thirties was chatting with a 13-year old female minor from South Florida. With Facebook’s help, the police were able to commandeer the teenage girl’s computer. According to Special Agent Supervisor Jeffrey Duncan of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the information provided by Facebook allowed for the arrest of the suspect.

Facebook Secrets: So, what can you do?

First of all, we must tell you there is no way to know for sure who these people are. Also, you may not be able to remove or block every account that monitors your activity, although when I did it on my account, I was able to get rid of most.

Here is what you need to do to block the majority of the accounts that monitor your Facebook:

First, you need to log in your Facebook Account and go to Account – Settings

Second, you need to go to blocking and find the block users area.

Third, In the search field where it says “Block Users” type in: “Facebook Security” and press BLOCK

Finally, A new window will pop up. The list you see is a list of [most likely] Facebook employees, spies, and private accounts that are monitoring you for some reason.

These are the people who might be monitoring your account, and if you don’t like been monitored you can simply block them by pressing the “Block” button next to each person.

Just to remind you and not to be stressed about, you might find difficult to block some accounts, and that is because probably these are Facebook High Priority accounts and we simply do not have the explanation why is like that.

While this is somewhat disturbing, you must remember that Facebook owns everything Facebook, so in essence, you “agreed” to be monitored. (I know. What moral and reasonable organization needs to hire people to monitor you? Right?)

And there you have it.

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