Fascinating! Hundreds Of Mysterious Structures Discovered In Amazonian Forest!

Our Earth has a history of ever changing environments, beginning with a great continental, which was once a super continent called “Pangaea”, split millions of years ago. The different climates across the world gave origin to different kinds of evolution in terms of fauna and flora.

Many spectacular earth formations with massive mountains and rivers given birth to beautiful lush environments. Some of the most mysterious places are the deep rain forests, like Amazon, which can hide a lot of forgotten things from plain sight.

But one kind of change in nature is not naturally made which is Deforestation, consisting in the clearing of forests across a specific region.

One such forest where deforestation has taken place is the above mentioned Amazonian rain forest. But scientists have found some intriguing structures that were previously hidden there. It strangely resembles Stonehenge like structures which may point to an unknown civilization that existed long before the first European settlers. Watch the following video to know more!

source: disclose

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