For The Cost Of An iPhone, You Can Now Buy A Wind Turbine That Can Power An Entire House For Lifetime

I recently began to understand the grasp of the Confidence/Experience curve. For those of you not familiar, it’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Basically, what it states is that lately people are smarter with less experience. In this case, some might call it Irony, but don’t take my word for it. Take the fact that we are so advanced, yet there are millions of people which are still living in the dark, whether they are in Africa, Asia or South America.

The Problems

In Africa, parts of Asia, even parts of South America, people are living without power. God forbid a small child should get sick, people need to travel more than 700km to get a vaccine or an antibiotic, and YES, the traditional African medicine are not working like the modern one. 

Imagine people having no light. Yes, you read well. No light. A lot of people are still living in the dark. Imagine that you have an eye illness and you can’t even tie your own shoes!

For me the above-mentioned problems are unacceptable.

The Start Up

Avant Garde Innovations, the startup founded by siblings Arun and Anoop George from Kerala, has come up with a low-cost wind turbine that can generate enough electricity to power an entire house for a lifetime. The size of a ceiling fan, this wind turbine can generate 5 kWh per day — with just a one-time cost of US$750.

“This is only the beginning” – Elon Musk

What is Elon Musk saying?

What he is trying to do is create as quality as possible a battery which everyone can afford. There are a lot of similar technologies like this water producing turbine which can create water in the middle of nowhere and in the nothingness of it all!

If we combine these 2 things together we can charge our battery using sun and wind energy. Thus, coming to the final piece of the enigma. A conundrum which has been imbued upon the last century and which has imploded in so many different ways, is now ready to become an explosion!

How and what can this apply to the real-world problems?

Imagine getting lost in the jungle. Or even better, imagine you want to move there. You can still have the benefit of modern living yet be completely isolated (if that’s the wish of course). You can freeze food, clean your water, take a hot shower (and I know that those are one of your favorites). Simply, imagine all of the modern commodities in the middle of nowhere.

You can make a mobile hospital, an ambulance which can reach remote places so kids don’t have to die from a mosquito bite.

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