Google, Intel & Tag Heuer… A Perfect Match!

One of the Swiss luxury watchmakers, Tag Heuer, leaked the initial images of its upcoming Android Wear smartwatch. Along with it, the name was revealed as well.

Tag Heur SW

On November 9th – Tag Heuer Connected will be launched – they also created an official site for the devices’ countdown towards the launch date, which also has a timeline marking its most important milestones.


“Tag Heuer is pushing the Swiss avant-garde limits even further with the Tag Heuer Connected. Tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship meets savoir-faire, and bold style meets breakthrough technology. The clock is ticking to the major breakthrough.” – reads the timeline for 2015.


The TG Connected was announced at Baselworld back in March. Jean-Claude Biver, the company’s CEO, said that it was the “biggest announcement ever” for the luxury watch maker, but also he had to admit that the smartwatch can’t be branded under the Swiss Made label since its core wouldn’t be produced within Switzerland.


“For a traditional mechanical watch, ‘Swiss Made’ is a reference and criteria of reliability and quality,” said Biver. “For a connected watch, Android from Google and Intel Inside are the criteria of quality and reliability.”


For a staggering price of $1,400, Tag Heuer will become the seventh company to actually jump aboard the Android Wear range expansion. Here, he will join the likes of LG (3 devices for sale, 1 coming soon), Motorola (two devices, one announced to arrive before Christmas), Asus (also with a couple) and Sony, Huawei and Samsung with one each.


What do you think? Would you buy one for that kind of money? 🙂

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