He Rebuilt Nikola Tesla’s Historic ‘Spirit Radio’. When He Turns it on? This Is What Happened!


Yes, you read that right!

A phenomenal man reconstructed Nikola Tesla’s “Spirit Radio”. And, it’s frightening what happens when he turns it on.

One of the greatest minds who ever lived, Nikola Tesla, in the early 1900s made a “crystal radio” that is able to channel voices from the spirit realm.

Sadly, many people stated that his creation was fake. But, one middle-aged man changed it all. He recently rebuilt Tesla’s historic “Spirit Radio” and the outcome is unquestionably scary.

As we previously mentioned, he made a decision to recreate the same device that was originally built by Nikola Tesla, and he constructed the exact way Tesla did, using a large amount of the original methods and plans.

He constructed it, turned it on and heard this:

So what is your opinion about this? Is this radio transmitting nonspecific radio signals or is it something mysterious, from the spirit world?
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