I Was In The Deadliest Cave In The World: The “Devil’s Throat”. What Happend To Me Was UNBELIEVABLE!

Devil throat – is one of the few caves that does not shine with exquisite formations or precious stones. What attracts and fascinates people is that they can experience the true feeling of the mysterious and dreadful underworld. The cave entrance is resembling a devil’s head,in the throat of which there is huge roaring waterfall, awaking the human’s imagination and gives rise to many legends.

One of the most popular legends about this stunning underworld is the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Which amazing story is told by National Geographic‘s Movie “Orpheus Amulet” which you can see in the end of this article.

When young and beautiful Eurydice – Orpheus’s wife died after a snakebite, Orpheus, determined to get her back, he went into the underworld of Hades. Legends say that this place is precisely the Devil’s Throat. Impressed by the incredible melodies creation by Orpheus’s lyre, Hades finally agreed to return his wife Eurydice to the world of the living. The condition was that Orpheus need to climb to the upper world without turning his head back.

Few meters before reaching the ground, Orpheus looked back to make sure that Eurydice follows him … And in that moment her shadow disappear in front of him forever. After losing Eurydice, his beloved wife for second time, Orpheus was heartbroken. He started crying and his tears formed a spring, which today can be seen in the Devil’s Throat cave and the tour guides will surely show you.


The Devil’s Throat cave is deep and straight cave. The Trigradska’s river waters are poured into the “throat” from a height of 42 meters, forming the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula.


Because of the incredible roar that is creates from the waterfall noise the huge room is called the Rumbling room. It is enormous – the second largest cave hall in Bulgaria. At about 400 meters from the entrance the river’s water is lost in a siphon. The length of the siphon is more than 150 meters, and after a 60-meter gallery the underground river leaves the cave and go back to the surface through another cave.

The Biggest Mystery of Devil’s Throat

Back in 1962 Nicolas Korchev and Elena Padareva for the first time successfully reach the “Rumbling room”, but the lack of advanced equipment and experience prevented them to continue the expedition.  This year will be remembered in the history when big storm will destroy 350 tons of threes and the river will drag them in to the cave, the next day not a single wooden plank was not found on the other side of the exit which is located in 200 meters after the entry.

Scientist then made experiments with coloring the water which show that the water need 1.5 hours to reach the end of the cave. After some calculations they concluded that the water is passing around 40 kilometers in the deepest levels of the cave before it come out.


There is only one single attempt to discover the secret of what is after the “Rumbling room”. Few years later in 1970 the two young scientists, Siana Lyitskanova and Evstati Jovchev will dive in the river hoping that they will reveal the truth behind the mystery of the cave.

They decided to split and try to reach the “Rumbling room” from the both sides. Siana took the side from the entry and Evstati went from the exit. They had full diving equipment, lights, food and medical-kit. Tragically they both lost their life and their bodies were never found in the cave, so the mystery of Devil’s Throat remains unrevealed.


My Personal Experience

I personally have visited the cave, and the experience was stunning. There is amazingly artistic guide who guide us all along the cave, he told us about Orpheus and Euridika, he told us about the scientists who lost their life in the “Rumbling room”. We stopped on the bridge connecting the two parts of the cave, and we look over the river, of course i throw peace of wood in the river just to check where it will go.

The view was stunning. The big hall was huge and powerful, and after 100 meters we came to the exit. More than 5000 stairs on 80 degrees vertical climbing. There was a warning sign before the stairs, the guide explain it in front of everybody that if you have problems with your hearth or some kind of psychological issues you should go back with him.


After 1 hour expedition through the Devil’s Throat we finally came out of the cave and the sunlight was shining once again our scared faces.
The experience was unbelievable, and i recommend this trip to everybody who love extreme travel.

Visit Devil’s Throat and share your thoughts with the world.

Finally you can enjoy the 11 minute short movie about the legend of Orpheus told by National Geographic movie “Orpheus Amulet”.

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