Liam Neeson Joins Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford to tell the Hard Truths about Nature

The Next cast member of “Nature is Speaking ” give the voice to ICE

In the beginning of the campaign  started by Conservation International called “Nature is Speaking” the voice of the videos that they were making was given to the Oscar awarded actors Harrison Ford as the ocean, Julia Roberts as mother nature, and Kevin Spacey as the rain forest. The videos offer simple but powerful messages with one bottom line: nature doesn’t need people, but people need nature.

The next video will show you the power of ice and the climate change having drastic effects to the human race. With the dramatic voice of Liam Neeson you will experience it all.Enjoy.


The film was intentionally released just a few weeks before the international climate change meeting in Paris, and the organization will be showing the films during the meeting.

Today’s film launch also coincides with the launch of a Conservation International’s new social media campaign:

‘Conservation International, in turn, invites the public to demand the attention of world leaders by taking and posting a selfie, saying “#INeedNature because….” CI will aggregate these selfies in the form of a visual petition that will be broadcast during the Momentum for Change awards on Tuesday, December 9, as CI announces another new film in the “Nature Is Speaking” series.’

You can also watch the videos featuring Julia Roberts and  Harrison Ford, like the rest of the series here


Julia Roberts video:



Harrison Fords Video:

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