Mom and Dad Were Told to Send Their Son Away FOREVER. But What Happens At 2:00 is SHOCKING!

With a large cross tattoo on his head and several other tattoos visible all over his body, Bill Davis might come off as a bit “hard” to a lot of people. But Bill perfectly shows the world the exact reason why you should never judge someone by how they look.

That’s because Bill has one of the most giving and loving hearts you could ever hope to meet in your entire life. He and his wife were heartbroken when their son, Chris, was diagnosed with severe autism and several other ailments years ago. Doctors had little hope for the boy, and tried to direct the young couple to give their “sick” son up to an institution to be looked after.

But the doctors didn’t seem to understand that Bill has something inside his soul called “unconditional love.” While dealing with Chris’ autism certainly presented a huge challenge, he and his wife decided they would give him love instead. They studied and learned as much information as possible about the best ways to treat Chris. And over the years, they’ve raised a boy whom anyone would be proud to have as their own!

Chris was certainly a handful and sometimes still has his difficult moments, but thanks to Bill and his amazing wife, they’ve taught their son to become an amazing member of society. And at the end of the day, that’s all anyone can hope to bring into the world. At the 2:10 mark of this video, Bill shows everyone that love is the answer to just about everything.

This video was shot as part of Andrew Solomon’s book Far from the Tree, a book filled with several stories about extraordinary families like the Davis clan. And a very very special thanks to Nick Davis Productions for providing this amazing, and incredibly shot, video.

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