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Off The Grid And On The Road! These Are The 7 Vehicles That Will Help You Achieve That!

Your life’s equilibrium is what is most important to you. We are all in that single point where we go look for something that can give our lives meaning. Imagine a spirit cleanse so deep that you literally go off the grid and out somewhere so remotely that not even you know where you are, where you’re headed or what are you going to do on it. A saying stuck in your head which I am sure you’ve repeatedly heard “The journey is the destination” and you’re off. People say that it’s good to get away sometimes. I do abruptly agree and to help you achieve this, within this post you will find the 7 vehicles that will ensure your tranquility.


The Mercedes Zetros 6×6

Feel like going to remote frozen location and you still want the comfort of your home? I am positive that you can find this expensive, but yet again, mortgage is expensive too. Even eating your own birthday cake can be expensive when you look at it from a different point of view.


3_adventure-vehicles (1)



The KiraVan

Whoever thought of this, must have watched out for his virgin daughter and designed it by watching cartoons on a 100 inch solar powered flat screen. This 51.000 pounds war machine will literally give you not only the comfort but also the safety in every possible surrounding.




The EarthRoamer

Imagine that money is no object, just for a second. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entirely self sufficient home? With this thing, you can live off the grid for as long as you want!



The UniCat

Imagine one day, how it would feel leaving everything behind. Everyone dreams about it, but no one has the “cohones” to do it. But just think about it… What if you had an unrealistic amount of money and wanted to get away? With this thing, you will fulfill your dream of being the filthiest gypsy oil tycoon and you will be able to disburse the 300 gallon oil tank that this monster has.



The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

Imagine an action packed Garbage Truck. No, no. You red correctly. An action packed garbage truck. If you have a 150.000$ and the mindset of an underpaid street cleaner, this will be literally more than your dream come true.



The EleMMent Palazzo

Ignorance brings illusion, knowledge brings reality but wisdom brings freedom. Also, this thing which literally looks like a freakin’ sundial and costs incredible $3M will give you freedom (of course you will need to come up with the $3M first)




The EarthCruiser

This is the second time they’ve used Earth in a mobile RV. This 175.000$ RV will need a mortgage takeout from your end, but luckily, it can be off the grid for months at a time. Imagine living in the middle of fucking nowhere… This is the thing to do it with.




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