THIS Penguin Travels 5000km Every Year and You Won’t Believe Why?!

Тhe love that lies in the animals can be limitless, and there is not few examples of it. The Story that shocked everyone is about a Penguin, who is coming back every year just to see the man who save him from a oil slick.

The penguin is traveling every year for the last 5 years, more than 5000 km a year just to see the brave Brazilian man.

“I love the Penguin like he is my own child and i believe that he loves me too”

The 71 years old man who lives on a island in Rio Di Janeiro found the penguin in very bad condition. He was laying down in a oil slick on the coast but thanks to the old man he survive.This happened back in 2011.

“He was with me the first 11 months and then he disappear. Everyone was saying that he not going to come back, but he was visiting me every time for the last 5 years. He is coming in June and go back in February, and every year he become more gentle and happy to see me”



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