This Puzzle Is Currently Confusing The Entire Internet. Can You Figure It Out?

Riddles, brain teasers, and logic puzzles are fun because they stimulate the brain as opposed to just aimlessly staring at a blue screen. While electronic devices have been proven to disrupt your sleep patterns (during the time before bed) and watching shows or videos have been shown to slow brain activity, things like reading and solving puzzles do quite the opposite. They require your brain to work, and the magical process of ‘Thinking’ to happen.

So here’s a riddle that apparently only 37% of people could solve ON THE FIRST TRY. So it doesn’t count if you look at the solution and then try it again.

Here is the logic puzzle with boxes.

This is a logic puzzle, well because it requires logic. It’s simply using the rules of deduction to solve this puzzle.

Here are 3 boxes with 3 corresponding statements. Box 1 says there is a car in this box. Box 2 says there is not a car in this box. And Box 3 says there is NOT a car in Box 1.

A car is in only one of these 3 boxes and only one of the statements can be true.

Which box has the car? Can you figure it out? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a couple of minutes.

When you think you are ready with your answergo to the next page and reveal the truth! 
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