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Secret Nazi-Era Arctic Weather Station Discovered Seven Decades After Being Abandoned

Russian researchers have found a Nazi weather station on the island of Alexandra Land, in the Arctic Circle. Seven decades after being abandoned this secret Nazi weather station left us more than 500 unique artifacts.

Basically, when someone mention the phrase “Secret Nazi Base” or “Hitler’s Top Secret Base” we can imagine deep underground hall, with secret tunnels and high ceiling, strange machines and power generators working. Many horror and fantasy authors have enjoyed a steady stream of inspiration from this kind of imagination and the present the Nazi Stories in a different view. The reality, of course, is much more real, but not necessarily more dull.

In a statement, National Park press secretary Yulia Petrova said that

(The artifacts) include munitions and military equipment, everyday items, personal effects, and fragments of meteorological devices.

Here’s footage of the moment the base was unearthed:


The base was abandoned in 1944. Researchers hope to take the artifacts back to the mainland for further study and archiving, with goals to eventually put them on public display.


Admittedly, yes, it is a shame they didn’t find secret Nazi robots or mutants, but getting back to a more serious note, it’s a good find nonetheless. Not only was an urban myth proved to be true, but it also gives us further highlights on what Nazi life was like in the twilight of WW2.

source: Viral Thread

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