She Bought Breakfast For Homeless Man, But The Crumpled Note He Handed Her Left Me In Tears

College student Casey Fischer was out getting breakfast at Duncan Donuts when she noticed a homeless man picking coins up off the street.

While she was waiting in line, the homeless man came through the door, presumably to spend his pocket change on a bite to eat. Casey was overwhelmed with compassion for the man, named Chris, and decided to buy him a bagel and coffee then asked him to sit and eat with her.

The duo sat together long enough for Casey to hear the man’s life story. She learned that Chris lost his mother to cancer, then fell into drugs and turned into a “person he hated.” Despite all he’s been through, Chris just wanted to be a person his mother would be proud of.

As they finished their meal, Casey stood to leave for class, but Chris had a gift for her that would shake her to the core.

He handed Casey a crumpled note, apologized for his shaky handwriting and walked out the door. When Casey opened the little piece of paper, she found a heartbreaking message scrawled inside…

“I wanted to kill myself today, because of you I now do not. Thank you, beautiful person.”

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