What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Did you know that the sleeping position that you have with your partner reveals a lot about your relationship? If you want to know more, continue reading.

You Sleep Back-to-Back and Far Apart

This probably seems like a distant position and that it lacks romance. However, it is considered to be one of the most common sleeping positions, mainly because it is practical. It indicates that the couples are connected and secure. Hence, it is the position of closeness and independence in the relationship.

You Love to Spoon

This is another common sleeping position. It usually indicates a dynamic where one partner is protective over the other. Moreover, it denotes confidence, trust, and security.

You Sleep Back-to-Back and Touching

This position occurs usually when the partners sleep back-to-back with butts touching. It shows that both of the partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another. Hence, this is a common position in new relationships.

You Start the Night Intertwined, Then Move Apart

This sleeping position occurs when couples tend to start the night with their arms and legs intertwined while facing each other and move apart after about 10 minutes. It denotes intimacy and independence.

One Person Dominates the Bed

This is a real indicator of a toxic relationship. So, if you and your partner sleep like this, make sure you end the relationship as soon as possible.

You Sleep With Your Head on Your Partner’s Chest

This is a common sleeping position in new relationships and even rekindled relationships.

You Face Each Other but Don’t Touch

When you and your partner sleep with your faces towards each other, it means that your relationship is emotionally demanding. Moreover, it shows a need for intimacy and close communication.

Source: www.myilifestyle.com

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