Is Stephen Hawking Right About This Time Travel Theory?

some think this make sense…do you?

From stories about binary code to Einstein’s gravity theories, this time travel perspective may make sense.  Stephen Hawking may be the most famous current scientist and theoretical astrophysicist. Gosh that is a lot of syllables.

And you may or may not have seen the video about 11 dimensions.  Is that possible and is that related to Stephen Hawking’s time travel theories or is it unrelated and too “out there”?

Most people “perceive” of time as the 4th dimension…length, width, depth and then motion or movement in sequence at least as we understand it.

The comments on this thread are particularly inquisitive.

Here is one of the more theoretical ones in the future:

And of course, what isn’t covered here is the energy required to stop. If it took you 4 years to get to 90% of the speed of light, you’d need another 4 years to stop the ship. And… what if there was an asteroid or some other celestial body in the way? The ship would need to be able to maneuver to avoid objects. And if there was an object traveling fast towards the ship, there may not be enough time to maneuver… causing destruction. Our only hope to ensure the record of Humanity survives is to build self-sufficient intelligent robots.

Is he right or is this completely inaccurate?  Who knows for sure but this topic may be one of the most fascinating in all of the science.

Check back for more updates from Stephen Hawking as new studies and experiments relate to this documentary.


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