Tennessee Man Drives Through Raging Wildfire In DRAMATIC Video!

A Tennessee man documented his miraculous escape from Gatlinburg as he drove through the raging wildfires that have devastated the town.

Michael Luciano shared a video of the terrifying scene while evacuating on Monday with another passenger and dog. The video posted to Facebook shows them driving through thick, billowing smoke and passing cabins engulfed in flames.

“Everything is on fire — every single cabin. You can see the fire. This is just terrible. It’s devastating,” Luciano said in the video.

Luciano and other residents were taken by surprise when wildfires suddenly began to advance on Monday afternoon.

“The inevitable we didn’t think was going to happen is starting to happen,” Luciano said.

Emergency officials ordered residents on Monday night in downtown Gatlinburg and nearby areas to evacuate. Nearly 14,000 people have vacated the town, according to authorities.

Three people have died in the forest fires, which continued to threaten the area on Tuesday night. National Guard troops arrived on Tuesday to aid local authorities.

“We have not been able to get in all of the areas,” Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller told the Associated Press. “We pray that we don’t experience any more fatalities but there are still areas that we are trying to get to because of down trees and down power lines.”


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