Tesla FAVORED Using “Human Eugenics” To Eliminate “Undesirables” by 2100

Nikola Tesla’s SHOCKING PREDICTION for Human Eugenics In 2100: Did you know that Nikola Tesla was a eugenicist who was in favor of eliminating undesirables by the year 2100? Well, check out this excerpt from the February 9, 1935 issue of Liberty magazine that including a fascinating and horrifying prediction by Tesla that for for the future of good of humanity he suggested that we get tough and enforce the “law governing the survival of the fittest.” There is little doubt legendary inventor Nikola Tesla was a genius who was able to visualize fantastic new inventions — both real and imagined. But Tesla also had some very disturbing eccentric habits and predictions.

By the way Liberty Magazine was a weekly, general-interest magazine that sold for five cents and went by the byline, “A Weekly for Everybody.”

It was launched in 1924 and was said to be “the second greatest magazine in America,” ranking behind The Saturday Evening Post in circulation. It featured contributions from some of the biggest politicians, celebrities, authors, and artists of the 20th Century. The contents of the magazine provide a unique look into popular culture, politics, and world events through the Roaring 20s, Great Depression, World War II, and Post-War America. It ceased publication in 1950 and was revived briefly in 1971.

Here are the eugenics portion of Tesla’s predictions below which as SmithsonianMag reminded us “that we should be cautious when making gods of men”. Here is Tesla’s prediction:

The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established. In past ages, the law governing the survival of the fittest roughly weeded out the less desirable strains. Then man’s new sense of pity began to interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct.

Several European countries and a number of states of the American Union sterilize the criminal and the insane. This is not sufficient. The trend of opinion among eugenists is that we must make marriage more difficult. Certainly no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny. A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal.

Tesla’s use of phrases like “less desirable strains”  is disturbing as is his clear disgust over this deplorable “new sense of pity’ – is that the man we thought we knew?

Via: SmithsonianMag

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