Life Without Borders

The Couple who spent 5 years and 80,000 Glorious Miles Circling the World in a Camper Van

Behold! The couple that vanished 5 years ago “In the pursuit of happiness”. We present to you Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey. Amidst and on the first impression, just an ordinary couple. That is until 2011 when they decided to cruise Europe with their 1996 VW T4 Van. Originally from the UK, they become people of the world by embarking on something wonderful. Seeing the world through the windshield of their old VW. Some may say that they are crazy, some may even go to the extreme length and say that the purpose in their life has no meaning so decided to waste it. But one man’s opinion is different from another. I mean “One man’s trash is another mans treasure” so we decided to follow them up close for a bit on this incredible journey.




The official start day of the trip counts in 2011, when they started travelling in the summer and when work dictated for them to be off. Their travels so far have been funded by juggling between months of work, and months on the rod. On a key note though, now they are planning to start living in the VW full time, as of January next year at least. This is backed on a decision they made to start a campaign on Kickstarter in which they ask for aid for van repairs just so it gives them a boost on their new company, Stoked Ever Since. A creative studio which they run from their van.




Their company gathers the film, general creative skills and photography simply to create a rich and enlightening digital content which will be able to accommodate everything starting from “initial campaign conception, creative direction, production services, post production and content delivery”. They are strongly focused on the fact that they will help others build strong awarness on their brands, produce quality content and of course give them the idea to chase a passion of their own. The Kickstarter campaign video is actually an undisputable fact of the creative skills of the couple and gives fans a glimpse of their photo book called “The Rolling Home” which indulges “208 pages brimming with photos, words and illustrations”.


21 days left to go, and they’ve actually managed to collect 10.000$ which they plan to separate 50/50 among necessary van repairs and of course cover the expenses for their photo book. The end-goal is of course to inspire other people to pursuit their dreams and follow within their own footsteps.

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