These 5 HOT Destinations are the PARADISE of the WORLD! Nights That we don’t Remember but will NEVER Forget

“Nights that we don’t remember but will never forget”. I am literally positive that most of you at some point had similar experiences (whether that happened when you were in college or because you got hit by a “midlife crisis”). Imagine waking up on a strange couch, on the beach, in a house filled with people that you see for the first time. It is quite the experience. We’ve tried to collect memories instead of destinations from places that are checked so under every photo, instead of a description you will find a different story. Since I am not the one who lived through this I will simply link you to people that did. Their stories are amazing and it definetely depicts the actuall way of how things stand.



El Tunico (El Salvador)



Kate McCulley Perfectly depicts what a day in this marvelous town has to offer. Basically, most of it is explained with 2 sentences on the top and on the bottom of the read – 7:30AM – Time to Surf; 1:00AM – The wicked hour – Ending up on an israeli rave. 


Mardi Gras (New Orleans, USA)

Universal Orlando Resort comes alive this spring with its Mardi Gras 2014 celebration, featuring 20 nights of electrifying concerts from the biggest names in music, coupled with the essence of the legendary Bayou bash. This year's Mardi Gras parade features 12 vibrant floats, including three new additions celebrating Jules Verne's novel, “Around the World in 80 Days.”


Malia Miyashiro, of California, throws beads from a Bourbon St. balcony to Mardi Gras revelers in French Quarter in New Orleans, Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. (AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Tuesday. Spat has depicted this so well which I am sure will provide you with more than a few laughs. I mean come on… Almost passing out in a bar to realise a few minutes later you are allready out in the street out to a full blown riot??


Bei Rut (Lebanon)


woman lebanon

This is somewhat outrageous! I would’ve never guessed that so many people would find themselves in a situation and in a city as bei rut and party like wild ducks before last call! Humanbreeds. com depicts lebanon in his glory like no other which made us include it in the
list. It’s unusual, tucked away and wild! And on the plus side, it will never hurt your pocket!

(Note for women – Lebanese guys are straitforward handsome and in shape. Bad side though most of them are womanizers)


Ios (Greece)


There is something about a small island, filled with people who are there just for 2 things. Get tanned and party. I mean it’s extraordinay and fascinating to see these 2 things combined and makes this place an alcohol-insfused

extravaganza. Did you ever think that you would wake up in your shorts, next to an almost burnt bonfire on the beach? I don’t think so. They don’t call it “The island of bad decisions” for nothing lol. Kate Breslin gives us a story like no other!


“The Full Moon Party” Ko Phangan (Thailand)



Forget the price of the flight for just a moment… Ahhh Thailand. The Las Vegas of Asia. I mean I don’t think that there is a single person that has actually been there and hasn’t survived some straight up “Hangover” story. Literally.
 gives you a detailed guide on how to survive the entire evening in a pretty decent way which I think makes this one of the better places for a “night that you won’t remember, but you’ll never forget”.


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