THIS 25,000t Mega-Structure Finally Puts Chernobyl To Rest [Video]

Researchers in Europe have built the world’s largest land-based moving structure to cover the nuclear fallout from Chernobyl, the power plant that suffered a catastrophic meltdown in 1986.

The mega structure was unveiled at the site in Ukraine this week and is designed to prevent further deadly radiation spewing from Chernobyl for at least the next century.

The massive arched dome is dubbed The New Safe Containment and cost 1.5 billion euros to build.

The arch-shaped confinement is made up of a 25,000 tonne metal structure. With its 108-meter height, 162-meter length and 257- meter span, the outsizes arch is large enough to enclose the Stade de France, the Statue of Liberty, or the footprint of the Eiffel Tower. It is as tall as a 30-store building.

Standing on two concrete beams, the arch will be assembled to the west of the damaged reactor and slide into position over the existing Object Shelter, built in 1986 just after the accident. The purpose of the new arch, designed and built by NOVARKA, is to:

  • contain radioactive materials
  • protect public and workers at the site
  • protect the existing Object Shelter against weather damage.

It will be fitted with equipment and facilities to allow work to begin on deconstruction of Unit 4 under the safest and most flexible conditions possible, keeping human intervention to the strict minimum.

Watch this incredible video showing the final moments of one of the biggest nuclear projects in our lifetime.

Installation of the arch started in February 2012, when the first batch of steel structures were placed at the site.
After building the Arch scientists now can easily contain the remaining radiation, also they will try demolishing the destroyed building under the roof of the Arch.

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