This 5 Stunning Scientific Facts Will Make You Rethink The Power Of Science! 

Have you ever wondered why there are not so many people into science? I believe it has something to do with how it is being communicated and being taught in school! Raw data and science will never drive any person-emotional, fun and persuasive narratives will do. We are living in a world where we need people like Bill Nye to get up and be scientific but also fun and silly.

Most of these scientists forget that they first got into the field due to some great and popular science movements, be it the PBS computer science program, the Apollo missions or an inspiring afternoon working when your neighbor explained how his or her old car works.

With this in mind, here are five amazing scientific facts I have come to learn thanks to science!

The Amount of DNA in an average person’s body is able to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back- 17 times


The human genome that is the genetic code in each human being cell contains 23 DNA molecules with each containing 500 thousand to 2.5 million-nucleotide pairs. The size of each DNA molecule when uncoiled is 1.7 to 8.5 cm long. In a human body, there are about 37 trillion cells and if you can uncoil the entire DNA encased in each of the cells and join them end to end then it will sum up the total length of 2×1014 meters that is enough for 17 Pluto roundtrips!

The human body carries average ten times more bacteria cells than the human cells


According to Carolyn Bohach, a microbiologist at the Idaho University, the total number of bacteria living in your body can fill half a gallon jug or is ten time more than the human cells in your body. However, you need not to worry, most of them are helpful and in fact you couldn’t survive without them!

It will take Photon 40,000 years to travel from the sun’s core to its surface but only 8 times to travel to the rest of the way to Earth


The distance from the core to the surface of the sun is approximately 696,000 kilometers where it can escape into space. The photon can take between many thousand and many millions of years to wander to the sun’s surface.

The Average distance a person walks is Equivalent to Five times around the world in a lifetime

The average number of steps an active person takes around is 7,500 steps in a day. When you maintain that on a daily basis and live until you are 80 years old, you will have walked 216,262,500 steps in


your lifetime. Let us now do the math! Any average person with an average stride and has lived until he or she is 80 years old will have covered a distance of 110,000 mile. This is equal to walking five times around the earth right on the equator.

Your blood cell takes about 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body


Your body has about 5 liters and the average heart pumps about 70 ml of blood in every beat. The heart beats around 70 times in a minute. If you multiply the amount of blood the heart will pump by the number of beats in a minute, you will get 4.9 liters of blood that is your whole body’s worth of blood. Under one minute, the heart will be able to pump the entire blood volume around your body.


We can keep going; however, one of the best things about science is that discoveries are made every day. Never stop learning!



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