This Looks Like An Old Rotting Tree, But Look Closer And Your Jaw Will Drop

Appearances can be deceiving and perceptions subject to change. At first glance this tree looks a little sad, like it’s fallen and rotting away. As you move closer, you start to notice that the abrasions and divots are intentional.

There is a sculpture of a city-scape carved into the tree! Originating from China, tree carving has been a long practiced art form. With nothing but chisels artists create negative space within trees and other parts of wood, to form amazing sculptures.

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Zheng Chunhui is the artist that created this particular wood carving. It is the world’s longest continual wood carving and took him four years to complete. The carving is called, “Along The River During The Quinming Festival”, and is an amazing twelve feet long. Chunhui was inspired by a famous painting from the Zhang Zeduan, featured below.

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The sculpture covers a total of area 39 feet. Within this area are 550 individually carved figures, that depict a festival in the springtime along a river.

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source: Higher Perspective

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