THIS is Why Aliens DON’T Want To Visit Our Planet! And They Might Be Right!

Have you ever wonder what will happened if Advanced Alien civilization come to visit out beloved planed? If let’s say there is such an advanced civilization, do you think they have any interest in visiting out planet at all? Maybe they already know how “advanced” we are, and how we are destroying our home planet, maybe we are on the bottom of the intergalactic tourist list: “TOP 1000 places You DON’T Want to Visit in Space”. Yes, I think they don’t have something special to learn from us at all.

dead animal fossil fuel

Humanity uses dead animal fossil fuel to power up almost 80% of the world. Take the fact that not only this is counterproductive but it also can serve as a warning sign that we’ve been stuck using it so long which makes us question our entire progress with society. Why hasn’t there been an alternative within the last 100 years of the making?

Where are all of the great minds which claim to have been altering and inventing an alternative? Where is the progress?

All of the above are pointers towards a society which might be collapsing. But who are we to argue? Take for instance the fact that we’ve got a virtually unlimited supply of energy (The Sun) yet we know so little about harvesting its energy that it’s belittling and baffling in the least.

We’ve also got 72% of the planet covered with water. Hydrogen a fuel of the future? People invented how to split the hydrogen atom nearly half a century ago, yet we’ve done no real progress in the real world application.

Using Unlimited Energy for killing each-other

We’ve discovered Nuclear Energy. Splitting an atom is quite literally a big deal. Aside the fact that we’ve dedicated this to mass energy production, but what happened with Chernobyl? Was this an act of negligence or it was something which was deliberately meant to happen?

We’ve seen how having nuclear weaponry affects one’s position in the world. Instead of creating life, we’ve dedicated ours towards making insignificant threats between each other. Now logically, why would the race itself would want to destroy itself? Doesn’t make sense does it?

Destroying our home planet

We are destroying nature so we can live a better life. In all honesty, don’t we cut down the rain-forest and make toilet paper from the trees? Don’t take it quite literally, but just goes to show that we’ve cut down the lungs of the planet so we can wipe our asses!

Pay to live

We actually pay to live on our planet. Imagine, nature is a cycle. When something dies, another is born. When we die, we decompose, the power of nature is unlimited and independent, we just can’t control it. After That The soil becomes richer, and the flora flourishes. Simple as that.

Yet, we have created society to be a pyramid. You have a landlord, that landlord has a boss, that boss has someone above him etc. This has helped to build a structure where if you want to have happy and successful life you need to pay for that, so you can live on your own planet!

addiction over reason

There is an actual industry which says: If you consume us, you will die! And yet, and I quote this is the “Pinnacle of Stupidity”. And yes, this is referring to the tobacco industry. Quite frankly, “Ignorance is Bliss” is taken to a whole new level!

Yes, Aliens might not have the best interest to visit us, there might be thousands of other planets much more interesting and not primitive like ours, yet we are not sure and all this is only one fun and interesting theory.

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