THIS Might Be The Solution To Millions Of Thirsty Children Around The World!

The World maybe found the solution to the millions of thirsty children around the world – Airo – Is the revolutionary water bottle with the power to create water from light.

It is Fact that the world will face 40 % water deficit in the next 15 years. 


The world water deficit is a recent phenomenon. It is a product of the tripling of water demand over the last half-century, which was accelerated by the rapid worldwide spread of powerful diesel and electrically driven pumps.

Unlike burning forests or invading sand dunes, falling water tables are often discovered only when wells go dry.

We are currently consuming water that belongs to future generations. In some countries, the fall of water tables is dramatic.

However there might be a solution to this matter, and very soon we can all support Airo for our Future generations.

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