THIS Miracle Statue Cures Infertility, Improves Love Life and Strengthens Relationships!

A Life-Sized Bronze Statue Is The Cure For Women Who Can’t Get Pregnant

Victor Noir born in 1848 in Paris was a French journalist who is famous for the manner of his death and its political consequences. His tomb in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris later became a fertility symbol.

It is believed that if a woman kisses Victor on the lips and then rubs that bulge in his trousers then her fertility will be much enhanced and that a baby will follow soon after (the getting of which, according to the legend, will be even more blissful than usual).

Single ladies in search of a man need not worry either: a furtive but friendly frottage with Monsieur Noir will ensure a husband within the year. From the looks of all that French polish, it seems that a lot of women believe the story.

victor noir pere lachaise erection sculpture 2

There is, of course, payment. Each visitor to Victor’s recumbent form must place a flower in to his hat or hand to thank him for his time. The sculpture, which portrays Victor prone, his hat fallen to the ground, gives some clue to the manner in which death approached him – rather unexpectedly.




So ladies, if you are single or you have problems with pregnancy, this legend could be your solution, and for the boys – I hope you wish that one day a legend like this will follow you after your final moment.


Sometimes all we need is a something we can believe in.


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