This POWERFUL Video Explains how Everything Remains POSSIBLE! The Paradox of Choices!


As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible

We live in a world full with possibilities, entertainment and so much things to do.Right now the society is really easy to be manipulated trough the media, and exactly the media is responsible of giving us so much opportunities and things we can do with our self that we are completely full of it. Then we are clashing with the biggest Fear of our time – “The Fear of Missing Out”

The Fear of Missing out, or the moment when we realize that we don’t have the time to do and try everything this world give us and we are starting to panic and  making the biggest mistake – We Choose!

The moment we start to choose is the moment we say NO to all the other opportunities and we are closing our self in the gray box of regular life.

We are expecting to satisfied our needs with the ONE thing we Choose to do, and again there is the panic moment when we understand that there is no time.

That’s why we need to learn how not to choose one thing, instead of that we are free to choose everything we want, and to be open on the moment to experience and try something new, fresh and Live!

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