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This Woman Does the Sweetest Thing for Rescued Battery Chickens!

Everyone is getting ready for the winter in their own little way. But did you remember to get something for your pet?

A woman came up with a brilliant and fun idea to keep her chickens warm during winter.

Nicola Congdon is a 25 year old woman from Falmouth England, who is a proud owner of 60 chickens, from who 30 are rescued battery hens. Now, if you’re wondering what “battery hens” means, they are chickens who spend most (or whole) of their lives locked in a cage in order to produce as much eggs as possible.

When the chickens retire, they have very little feathers left on them, so it is very difficult for them to get adapted to the outdoor conditions. So, Nicola came up with the idea to keep them warm and recognize them by knitting these adorable tiny sweaters.

Since the word about her spread fast and wide, people simply adored the idea, and she got tons of requests for her hand-made chicken sweaters. But because she appreciates and cares about the ones in need, she is donating all of the profit from the sweaters to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.

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