How The “Two Teslas” Changed Our World…Forever [VIDEO]

In his day, Nikola Tesla dreamed of bringing free energy to the world. Now, it appears that Elon Musk could be picking up Tesla’s dreams and making them a reality with his solar powered Tesla Energy Wall (TEW). Musk could be the one to break the pattern of private businesses profiteering unsustainable energy and denying climate change.

The average American household uses 10 kilowatts of energy a day. Conveniently, that is also what the TEW produces a day—at a cost of just $3,500. If a home needs more power, there are stackable batteries that can combine up to 90 kWt and 7 kilowatt packs costing an extra $3,000. Every TEW unit has a 10-year guarantee and an option to add another 10 years. Units are designed to be integrated with Tesla servers, which will automatically monitor the units and create their own grid as more systems come online.

Today, both solar and nonrenewable sources of energy cost about $0.12 per Kilowatt hour. After the initial costs are recouped on the solar end those costs drop to zero. That means homeowners can live “off the grid” and never have to worry about the electricity going out. Of course, today, this economics are theoretical—these units haven’t been installed en masse yet. Still, the possibility of paying $3,500 for a 10-kilowatt generator that could live for 20 years is a tantalizing proposal.

Using both Aluminum and Graphene battery technology, Musk could revolutionize power consumption—and provide millions of jobs in the process.

Watch Musk’s announcement below to learn more about Musk’s vision.



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