Was Nikola Tesla’s Personality Flawed? Insights Into a Lonely Visionary…

Was Nikola Tesla a Lonely Visionary who personality got in the way of his life? Perhaps so says a professor of psychology.   There is no question that he was a genius, inventor, futurist, and lead a fascinating life – but who was the man?  In 2006 a professor of psychology at the University of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Zarko Trebjesanin, whose book about the psychology of Tesla just got published in Belgrade wrote an article for a Serbian newspaper. Although a posthumous psychoanalyzing is dubious at best and suspect at worst, he made some interesting points.

He points out that Tesla’s monumental scientific work was well studied and carefully evaluated, however, very little is known about his personality is today still enigmatic, and so it remains surrounded by the veils of mystery. It’s clear that Tesla’s talents and character traits included creativity, introversion, curiosity, rationality, asceticism, etc. But as a human being did his flaws undermine his work and his life?

Even in his early childhood, Tesla exhibited immense powers of imagination and is famous for visualizing his inventions in his mind. Essentially it was easy for Tesla to realize complex experiments in his minds, with no drawings, models or laboratory instruments. Next, he was undoubtedly a very introverted person, turned into his carefully hidden, subjective world, tending towards introspection. Tesla’s biggest and most carefully tended passion was for the discovery of unknown principles, laws, and unknown worlds. His greatest joy this composed and disciplined man found in inventing, in the ‘joy of discovery’.

The Joy Of Discovery

“I don’t think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success….such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything”, said Tesla.

Great scientist managed, due to his iron will, to turn himself into a robot and to channel all of his energy towards a single goal – the creative work. Tesla’s asceticism was also visible in his relationship with women. Tesla it was once said, “erased love from his life, even erased women from his thoughts”.

Abstaining From Marriage

In an interview, asked if artists and scientists should get married, Tesla said: “Artist, yes; musician, yes; inventor, no. The former two can get inspiration from the woman’s influence and reach their finest work through love, but inventor’s nature is so forceful, so wild and passionate, that by giving himself to a woman, he would give everything and nothing would be left for his chosen field. I doubt that you can name many inventors who were married” responded Tesla to the journalist. And then, after a brief pause, not without sadness, he added: “And that is a shame, as we are sometimes so lonely”.

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