WATCH: This Is the Most Difficult Place To Get To On Earth

With all this talk about colonizing Mars, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Earth and all its mysteries have been well and truly uncovered by the year 2017.

But as these bizarre lifeforms and the recently reclassified ‘Zealandia’ continent can attest, our planet still harbours a crapload of surprises, because as good as we, humans, are at exploring, there are still places on Earth that no human in recorded history has ever set foot on – and not for a lack of trying.

In the latest episode of RealLifeLore, we get to explore the most remote and most difficult places to physically travel to on the planet, starting with the Pitcairn Islands – a UK overseas territory in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that’s home to just 49 people.

Not only does Pitcairn have an unfathomably small population, it’s also hundreds of kilometers away from its nearest inhabited island.

But don’t let that stop you. As the video below explains, there are plots of land available for purchase in this beautiful tropical paradise, but this is no holiday destination.

There’s no airport on the Pitcairn Islands, so the only way you can get there is by boat, and boats rarely visit, so it’d be like playing Stardew Valley IRL, except good luck getting some cows:



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