With These 3 Types Of People Your Life Will Be Complete In Every Way

Throughout life, you will meet a number of people to which whom you will either forget their name or will leave a long lasting impression. There are definitely those that will be out or in at one point in your life so a few words of wisdom about the 3 people that should definitely stay by your side:



The person which is absolutely 100% honest with you and gives you the things as they are. They don’t care if they hurt your feelings, although not because they don’t care about you, but because they want to make you see things from a reality perspective.

I am speaking of a friend that will point out when you are slacking, backsliding, that will be the one to give you the slap of reality in your face.

You may argue with them more than necessary but underneath all of it, it truly is a genuine care about each other because you know at the end of the day, he told you how things stand from an objective perspective which will give you a fresh pair of eyes on a problem.




The person that will just have a spark with you on every plane. The person that will not only make it impossible to feel uncomfortable around but there also won’t be any awkwardness. Yes, everyone argues but that is always resolved in a way that only strengthens the bond. In other words, you can spend 2 years apart and still reunite as if nothing has ever happened.

 When you meet him/her, you will definitely feel a strange sense of familiarity as if you’ve known them your entire life (apart from the fact that you’ve just met).

 Contrary to everything what modern culture makes you believe, it doesn’t have to be from the opposite sex and they are not necessarily a life partner. They can take shape of a best friend, a mother, a father… Everyone meets his soul mate at some point in life. When you do so, make sure you keep him/her.



This is the person that gives you the balance in your life. Imagine this as the person for which when you get drunk and want to do stupid things, he pulls your hand and takes you home. This is a person who will be your mentor, teacher and a guide.

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