You Are Not Going To Believe What THIS Homeless Man Do Every Single Day!

Homeless man cleans up beaches every day because ‘he’s embarrassed about the pollution’


So this afternoon I was in Bantry Bay waiting for a client to arrive and I see this chap putting two big bags into the…

Posted by Jay Margolis on Monday, 7 March 2016



The man is called Dan. He’s 28 and homeless, and he grew up on the Eastern Cape.
Every day, he cleans the beaches for no other reason than to ‘make the place nice’ because he’s ’embarrassed about the pollution.

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In a Facebook post published by Jay Margolis, an entrepreneur, he said:

“I see him filling another two big packets and wait for him to have a chat. Turns out, “he’s embarrassed about the pollution, and wants the beaches looking good for the tourists, and for the sea.”



‘We came up with an action plan:

1) To get Dan off the street from today! He doesn’t have money for the shelter he told us, so he sleeps on the beach. We are taking him to Greenpoint shelter this afternoon, and he’ll stay there until he gets permanent accommodation

2) Full medical to make sure he’s healthy. He says he’s got a cold, but is otherwise in good health, but we’ll see if he needs meds etc.

3) Collect all the awesome offers to help this guy. The social worker was suggesting that this be in the form of cash donations to help him get set up, job offers for realistic gainful employment and donation of belongings – he has absolutely nothing.’

The post has been shared over 37,000 times and the story about this incredible person is spreading around the globe.
“We chatted about what happened with the Facebook post and told him that so many people wanted to help him. He was thrilled, would not stop grinning.” – Says Mr Margolis.


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