You Have Been Drinking Milk All Your Life And You Didn’t Know THIS

The dairy industry has long advertised the animal milk as the go-to source of calcium, but the news are – it is bad for you. The calcium from the animal milk is not that well absorbed as the one from the plants, and drinking animal milk can also lead to some dangerous health issues.

1). Broken bones

A medical study was carried out in Sweden and it was discovered that women who drink large amounts of dairy milk daily were more prone to fractures than those who drank little or no milk.

2). Prostate cancer

According to some evidence, the consumption of milk and other dairy products can lead to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Alternately, diets that do not include milk slow down the progress of prostate cancer.

3). Lactose intolerance

The sugar called lactose, present in cow’s milk is difficult for some people to digest and can cause cramps, nausea, bloating, gas and diarrhea. These symptoms can even worsen.

4). Acne

Numerous studies claim that consumption of all kinds of cow’s milk is connected to a higher prevalence and severity of acne in girls and boys as well.

5). Cholesterol

One milk serving contains 24 mg of cholesterol, unlike vegan food that does not contain any cholesterol.

6). Ovarian cancer

A Swedish study has revealed that women who drink four or more servings of milk a day were twice likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who consume two or fewer servings a day.

source: mindszen

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