Your Fingerprints Can Show YOUR Type Of Personality in Unusual Way: Which One YOU Have?

Your Fingerprints are not just unique and inimitable, they can also tell a lot about you character ad your intellectual potential.

All fingerprints are unique, but typologically divided into 3 categories: waves, curls and loops.

You need to check you fingerprints and find out which of these 3 types of lines you have the most of your 10 fingers, for example if you have 7 fingers with WAVES and 3 with LOOPS – that means that your personality is determinate by WAVES. 





The “Waves” The most common pattern among the people. This people usually have a calm temperament and balanced psychology. They are modern and stylish, always ready for change. When there is some adventure they are always ready to join, but they are not usually the “soul of the company”.

They support their friends and they are trying to make smooth connection with everyone. They are more focused o the family.

Professions: stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist, personal assistant, pastry chef, florist, artist, illustrator, designer of interiors.


If the “wave” is on your index finger, you’re very sociable and easy-going.

If the “waves” on the right hand are more than on the left, you are very hot-tempered, but it’s easy to forgive offenses.

Accordingly, and contrary: the predominance of “waves” on the left hand says that you are not inclined to take offense at trifles, but if offended, forgiveness will not be easy to earn.




The “Loops” Pattern is more common in central Europe, it is quite open and confident and the people who own most of this pattern are more self-confident, for them it is important to develop and express them self.

The dominance of this pattern on the fingers tells of development of the intelligence and the skill to work hard mental work. People who have “Loops” are part of ambitious projects, start ups and they are known organizers. The ones who already are doing some of this things are more likely to open a business. They can even start from junior assistant and get to CEO.

This is a very energetic, efficient, creative people, of whom say “The earth moves them.”


If “loops” are located on the index finger, you’re the perfect team player. You do not want the lead , but remarkably you have perfect relationship with colleagues, friends and relatives .

If “Loops” are located on the middle finger, that talks of a strong dependence on people’s opinions. Even if you do not outwardly demonstrate that, deep down, you’re worried what the colleagues will think about your new dress, and what your mom will say, when you tell her that the raise did not take place.




The more “Curls” you have on your fingers the more your intelligence and potential your Brain has. The scientists says “Seal of Genius ” to a person who have 10 “curls”, this is because this pattern is extremely rare and almost always – the scientists, brilliant inventors and discoverers have it.

The “Curls” means that you have highly developed logical thinking, ability to analyze, good linguistics and mathematical skills. Such people can easily learn new languages or change their profession. The only thing they are almost indifferent – it is Wealth.


” Curls ” on the big fingers say the desire to dominate. Such a person is not able to work in complete subjection, he needs space for individual projects, attention to his ideas.

The routine for him is the worst punishment.

If the “curls ” are located on all fingers, except for the large, it is a highly unstable person psychologically. Such people “love to hate” such people can radically alter its position in a matter of minutes, just because there are new arguments or facts.

“Curls” located on the index finger says that a person can take a hundred things at once, and often quite successfully. To be successful , they need a clear schedule and process organization.




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